Inside Star Citizen puts on a Halloween costume and shows off updates to melee combat


The weekly video digest for Star Citizen happened to land right on Halloween, and the devs absolutely went in on the theme, renaming the episode of Inside Star Citizen to the EZ-Habitat of Horror and dressing up associate creative producer Jared Huckaby in a Dracula costume. There’s even a segment of horrific scenes where in-game bugs created some intensely disturbing monsters.

When the video isn’t delighting in the Halloween holiday, it’s discussing several changes to melee combat, including the ability to link multiple light and heavy attacks into proper combos which can lead the receiving target to a screen-blurring dizzy state, new non-lethal and lethal takedowns depending on whether your character has a knife equipped or not, and the ability to move bodies by dragging them.

The team is also working on some improved hit detection animations to both let players know what direction they’re getting hit at as well as to keep any weapon they’re aiming off-kilter, though that weapon’s aim will still be forward, just not perfectly so.

You can take in the seasonal silliness in the video below. Seriously, they seemed to be really enjoying themselves with this one.

source: YouTube
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