Anthem loses yet another lead developer as BioWare’s head of live service departs


For those who were in the comments section going “Sure, Jan” at Casey Hudson’s pep talk for Anthem, it would appear your cynicism is well founded. Chad Robertson, the head of live service for BioWare and a 14-year veteran of the company, has announced his departure.

Robertson’s announcement will likely continue to add to player concerns about Anthem’s future prospects: Producer Ben Irving departed in August and the game also lost a number of senior staffers in May including lead producer Michael Gamble, executive producer Mark Darrah, and director Jonathan Warner, all of which were explained as perfectly fine things that wouldn’t affect Anthem’s development.

In spite of the implications, Robertson provided expected niceties in his Twitter announcement. “SW:TOR, Anthem, the Austin studio, and BioWare are in good hands; you can expect great things ahead,” assures Robertson in his farewell. “I’m very excited about the next step of my journey in the game industry and look forward to sharing that soon.”

Oh well. At least SWTOR is making plenty of money, right?

source: Twitter via VG247
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