CD Projekt Red faces a second class-action lawsuit from investors over Cyberpunk 2077

Second verse, same as the first, but the fact that there's a second means it's gotten much worse

Keanu, why.

It feels like there’s not much bottom for things going wrong over at CD Projekt Red in the wake of Cyberpunk 2077. Sure, it was bad enough when the studio was facing potential fines from Polish consumer protection and a lawsuit from investors, but now the studio is facing a second lawsuit from investors that’s materially the same as the first, just submitted in California rather than New York.

The official notice states that damages sought are not specified and that the studio will “vigorously” defend itself against the suit, although perhaps less vigorously than it would have been defending when there was just the lawsuit. Either way, this continues the string of bad fortune for CDPR and makes the promise of multiplayer in Cyberpunk 2077 see ever-more distant.

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