Hi-Rez’s Paladins ends its esports program: ‘It’s time to close this chapter’

Why do you have the Dreamworks Faces.

This can’t be a good sign for competitive shooter Paladins: Hi-Rez announced this week that it has decided not to go forward with a new season of esports for the title. The studio said that it “did not deliver a satisfactory esports experience” last year and would rather reallocate its resources to improving the game itself.

“We know this news comes as a disappointment to many players and fans, and we would like to thank you all for your continued support of the Paladins esports scene these last few years,” the studio said. “But now it’s time to close this chapter in Paladins’ history so we can redouble our efforts to make sure that the game has a long and healthy life ahead of it.”

Paladins is gearing up for Season 4 with “several new champions” and a change in its battle pass system. Season 4: Calamity is coming on February 4th. The studio said that plans for later this year include more options for custom modes and mod support.

Source: Paladins. Cheers, Bruno!

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I’m not too shocked by this decision. I’ve been playing on and off since the early alpha days and there’s been a lot of issues with the game in the long run whether it be overall champion design or bugs and glitches with the hitboxes or the maps. That on top of the constant push of garbage lootboxes in the form of chests and a battle pass system that I absolutely loathe with a passion just saddens me everytime I play it. I still enjoy with friends but that’s usually only on nights where we queue up as a 5 stack and play it drunk. The only time people ever cared about paladins esports was the same reason people cared about the smite esports, afking the mixer and twitch streams for free stuff, outside of that I never saw anything online trying to hype up any of the teams.


Not surprised, it never really seemed to have as much popularity as Smite and was largely able to build itself up as being the F2P alternative to Overwatch which has also been tanking over the years.

Bruno Brito

All i need, is for Hirez to pick Rogue Company, everything it learned from paladins and Smite and just make GA2.

I can honestly see GA2 being a hybrid of the 3. A TPS lobby-shooter with character building outside the game, relatively open moba-like maps, or hell, make GA2 a warframe like, but with again, character building.


This game is very easy on the eyes. IMO beautiful graphics, colours and smooth gameplay. I’ve gotten to old to play these games as my Counterstrike days pass me by.

IronSalamander8 .

Paladins is in my top 5 time played games on Steam but it has issues. I watched the e-sports once and that was on Mixer and only to get that ‘Cold Snap Furia’ skin. I still loathe the very idea of e-sports and part of me is glad it’s something they won’t waste time on but it also doesn’t look good for the game either.

They’ve greatly increased the quality of skins and new champions ever since they released duds like Vivian and that Galactic Scion skin for Lian, but it still has bugs that need to be ironed out.

For my online multiplayer shooter fix; Garden Warfare 2 is still the go-to but Paladins is up there with TF2 in my ‘2nd tier’, as I uninstalled Overwatch years ago and I abhor CS:GO and Valorant. Paladins could be doing better and the upcoming champion; Yagorath, looks interesting, but they’ve got to deal with the problems the game still suffers from.

Pablo López

What are these issues? I play now and then and really enjoy it, much, much, more than Overwatch, but I haven’t played that much to understand its issues.

IronSalamander8 .

It’s mostly little things; getting stuck on invisible terrain, random freezes and crashes (I haven’t hard crashed in awhile but last night I had the game freeze up for a couple seconds, luckily not in the middle of a fight), the bounty shop being a mess, certain characters not counting for quests (like Imani who I love, sometimes won’t count for ‘play x games as a damage champion’, and she’s a damage champion), lots of little bugs that don’t directly harm game play but you’ll notice them when they occur (stuck sounds, bad clipping of skins/outfits that used to be fine, and so on). On a subjective front; some champions constantly get new skins while others get them very rarely (compare Lian to Torvald for example).

I still really like the game and am working on the current battle pass slowly but surely. Most of these issues are only minor annoyances but stack up 5-10 of them and people notice.

Bruno Brito

Sala said some but i can mention “bigger” things:

– Randomly getting UI bugs that forbid you from leaving party or quitting without closing the game on task manager.

– Awful hitboxes. Worse than TF2 and TF2 had issues with some weapons breaking hitboxes, which says a LOT about Paladins ( Paladins has issues with you getting headshots without hitting heads ).

– Terrible map-design. I find absolutely astonishing how both Blizzard and Hirez claimed to be inspired by TF2 but didn’t find in them the willpower to actively study the game. TF2 worst maps are the maps with narrow corridors, that keep you spamming LoS, specially on both games that seem to avoid hitscan weapons like the plague. Paladins biggest issue with map design lies in their competitive mode, which is a back and forth cap the point/payload. It forces the entire meta for maps and champions to develop around that, and it’s bad.

– Trying to reinvent the wheel competitively. TF2 main competitive modes are Sixes and Highlander. Sixes consist of six players each side. Some weapons are banned, there is a strong meta ( altho you being good allow you to pick what you want as long as it fits ). Highlander if i well recall, is basically one player of each class ( 9 v 9 ). Paladins is 5v5 with character bans. They’re too formulaic on their moba approach, and that also hurts their metagame and design: Inara/Thorvald/Drogos/Makoa/Terminus/Damba/Jenos have been meta for as long as the game has existed, and the game never fled the 2/2/1 comp, except when you had like 2 healers because…fuck it i guess?

Don’t get me wrong, Paladins is a really fun game, and i wish it did better. I hope this is a good thing and they develop more map modes, more open maps so we get new metas developing.