Ashes of Creation counters customers’ cash cosmetic concerns

This is fine.

There’s an Ashes of Creation Reddit thread that’s sort of blowing up this week concerning the availability of cosmetic looks. Basically, the worry is that Intrepid Studios might be selling outfits in the cash shop right now that could be available later in the game for free (perhaps with a minor reskin).

The heated discussion drew the eyes of Intrepid’s Steven Sharif, who responded by saying, “There will not be recolors or material swaps on the monthly cosmetics as a means to populate additional achievements in game by player characters. There will however be variants of the cosmetics for NPC populations including quest-givers, guards, merchants and creatures.”

Sharif went on to say that the team will be mixing and matching parts of armor for different sets, but that it shouldn’t be too noticeable.

“There will be legendary cosmetics that are ONLY achievable in game and players can know wont be offered in some cosmetic shop in the future undermining their accomplishment,” he wrote. “As well as for the more casual players time exclusive purchasable cosmetics from the marketplace, that players who purchase these can rest assured they won’t be available again in some sale by the company in the future.”


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Dean Greenhoe

A game in development is much like any other gambling endeavor. Some you win, others you don’t. It’s their money, let them play the odds. Either way, the community wins. Even if the game is a bust, the money gambled is a lure for others to continue trying.


Why I have trust issues, super abridged version:

We’re self publishing in the EU, and if that changes, “you’ll be the first to know.”
*we find out they got MYCOM to publish from a booth leak at gamescom*

“Ashes of Creation Apocalypse is just a test for the MMORPG”
*slaps a cashshop on it and throws it on Steam to massive negative reviews and complete DOA status despite buying off streamers to shill it*

“our commitment to transparent development”
*game’s been under NDA except the BR spinoff for all 4 years of development*

*promise to get rid of payment processor Xsolla, a company with a very bad rep, in March 2019*
*is still using Xsolla*

*makes lifetime sub exclusive to kickstarter*
*sells it again a month later on their website*

But please, continue trusting them. I’m sure it’ll be fine this time. Oh, and and give them $500 when they opens up the Alpha 1 sales again, that were sold as a last chance over two years ago.


But please, continue trusting them.

I don’t see anyone at MassivelyOP trusting them, certainly not the person who wrote this article. And I also don’t trust them because I don’t like some things they’re doing. However, I am still positive about this game based on what I personally seen in gameplay videos and definitely willing to give this game a try once it will be publicly available.

Also, you seem to have an unhealthy obsession with this game for some reason. First, I get notification from Reddit today that some person with nickname “Real_Gigabear” has responded to one of my Ashes of Creation – related post today. A post I made 10 days ago. 10 days. Something which I almost forgot about. Now I see a person with a “Gigabear” nickname making 3 comments here on Massively in post regarding Ashes of Creation. I understand that you may have dislikes about the way this company does business but Jesus, dude, calm down a little. Obsessing over a single game is not really healthy or helpful to anyone. Try to find a different things to do – a different game to play, or some Twitch stream to watch or a different hobby not involving video games in general.


Wait until you have your Intellectual property stolen, get doxed or swatted like I have been by this “community” as Intrepid ignores you and does nothing and maybe you’ll understand why I “dislike” how they do business, and why I feel obligated to be so critical of them.

If anything, my first post was much too complimentary.


Wait until you have your Intellectual property stolen, get doxed or swatted like I have been by this “community” as Intrepid ignores you and does nothing

Regardless of your claims (which may or may not be true, and I genuinely don’t really care even if they are true), that doesn’t make your excessive obsession as something normal or acceptable. I mean, I’ve seen many different games being discussed here on Massively during last few days, yet you only appear in this specific topic for this specific game, which indicates that your obsession has taken over you to the point where you are not interested in playing or discussing other games and only interested in criticizing this particular game and the developer. Even on Reddit – you are replying to people who made comments 10 days ago regarding this specific game. This is also not normal – people generally do not care to discuss same stuff for that long in places like Reddit unless the topic is about ongoing event or about solving some practical issue.

Like I said, get over it (regardless if you think you were treated unfairly by the company and its community) and find a different thing to do, preferably a wide variety of things. If you’ll keep obsessing over same thing for a very long time – all you’ll end up with is getting banned or ignored by majority of people. And it still won’t change the opinion of people who still want to give this game a try out of curiosity, so why waste time on something pointless?


Did you seriously bold 10 days ago as if that wasn’t the most recent reddit post about Ashes of Creation and therefore the only place to discuss the game on reddit, BECAUSE INTREPID TOOK OVER AND CENSORED THE MAIN REDDIT?

But, you’re right. I am wasting my time trying to change your mind. I have given you the information. Innumerable red flags were raised from this project’s very inception. I chose to ignore them to my great detriment. You seem ready to do the same.

A friend did some background checking on the team. from AshesofCreation

For what it’s worth, I’m backing 3 other games. The reason I don’t comment much on them beyond Star Citizen(because it gets a lot of unfair criticism) is because I don’t have to go to other websites to voice my concerns. They haven’t instituted a blacklist against me. In fact, the two smaller ones are pretty amenable to my feedback. And indeed, that of their communities in general. They are also run by actual developers.

Sharif cares only that you say nice things, and not a lick about players undertaking their intended role in a community-driven development process.

Will they produce a good game? Perhaps. But that’s not enough. They also can’t become the next EA or Blizzard. That’s an even worse outcome than failure. And even Blizzard never came after my game account for my opinions about how WoW was being handled.

Hikari Kenzaki

*Massive AAA game releases same skin for $30, but this time it’s pink!*

“I gotta have it!”

*Players float on Reddit the possibility that smaller, unreleased game, might reuse some assets in the future, even if they’ve never done so.*

“Mom! Get my pitchfork!”


That’s kind of backwards imo. I’d be more pissed if I can’t get something just because I forgot to go look at the Ashes store during that month. Especially because they’ve been doing this for a few years now and thus there’s at least two or so dozen cosmetic sets that are no longer available already.


Meanwhile I’m annoyed for the opposite reason. A lot of the outfits are gimmicky which is fine but there are cultural outfits, specifically for Nikua, that are permanently unavailable to those who missed them, and to me that’s not cool.


Yea, that’s the thing that annoys me about such “limited release cosmetics”. I don’t mind paying extra money for cosmetics only available in cosmetics store, doesn’t matter how expensive it is, but only making it available during certain time period is not really fair because some people may miss this time period for many reasons but may still want to use this cosmetics.

Kickstarter Donor

Intrepid Studios might be selling outfits in the cash shop right now that could be available later in the game for free

God damn it, Star Citizen…


Star Citizen is like $30 or so to get alpha access though, has a functioning alpha, is not under NDA, and has an actual developer leading the project.

Delays are a big issue with them, but same with the “before 2020” release Intrepid was pushing. Really, there’s no comparison between the two projects because SC is solvent and IS doesn’t release their financials for anyone to determine that at all.


I stayed for the alliteration!


Crowdfunded cheap cosmetic cashgrabbing clusterblank. Current charlatan caused crisis. Colossal chances Creation™ canceled.