Atlantica Online celebrates its 13th anniversary with giveaways and events


Here’s another MMO that just keeps on keepin’ on and has been doing so for 13 years now. It’s Atlantica Online, the turn-based tactical MMORPG, which is marking its new anniversary with a whole bunch of freebies and events for players to enjoy.

While the initial 13th Anniversary Celebration Package was already handed out between January 21st and 24th, there’s still plenty of free stuff for players to enjoy, including daily login goodies being handed out between January 25th and 31st, another free set of shinies for logging in on the final weekend of January, returning limited-time costumes from previous anniversaries, and a wide variety of events like invasions from the Giant Acong and Runaway Evil King J, a mini-tournament event where players will get to team up with GMs, and the return of the Traveling Theater.

There’s effectively an entire week’s worth of celebration going on in Atlantica Online, so those who have been joining in these past 13 years may want to check out all of the details.


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Man has it been 13 years sense I first tried it damn I remember it was OBT I think I tried it but never got in to it. what I remember the most was the shit storm on the forum over the stamina system it had back then.


I loved that game so much, but it got passed around alot in the last years. I dont know why anyone would not just pick up the combat system and slap some better graphics on it. I would pay a sub just to play something like it without the shitty P2W mercs and upgrades.


Peak era Atlantica PVP was so varied and fun, man. It’s my go-to example of a potential all-timer just absolutely smothered by shitty monetization. I do not miss the Wild West days of western F2P.


You don’t know “Raid: Shadow Legends”?