Red Dead Online hands out new solo missions via telegram, offers bonuses to Naturalists and Bounty Hunters


If you’re looking for something to do in Red Dead Online but don’t have a posse of friends to do things with, then Rockstar Games is handing out a personal invitation for you in the mail. The game has handed out three new solo missions via telegram from a mysterious benefactor simply known as J. Nothing suspicious or fishy there, no sir, no ma’am.

These new solo missions will have players either stealing a prized rare horse from a deal and bringing it to a contact safely, breaking in to a manor to thieve smuggled jewels from Saint Denis’ mayor, or escorting a wagon of cargo to its destination by any means necessary. Each mission has three difficulty levels and promises to become more challenging with each replay, just in case you get too comfortable running them.

In addition to these new solo missions, this week in RDO is bringing bonuses to Naturalist and Bounty Hunter roles, with an increased frequency of invitations to Naturalist Free Roam events; 40% discount offers for certain in-game items for completing legendary animal sighting missions; and a 40% discount offer for any poncho when completing any bounty. There are also bonuses being handed out this week for those who complete the new solo missions like 5,000 Club XP, $100 in RDO$, a Treasure Map, and some mission-specific discount offers. More details can be read in the Rockstar Newswire write-up.

source: press release
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