World of Tanks Console’s Season 5 lets all players earn a heavy Polish tank and a bear tank commander


There’s a fresh season in World of Tanks Console and this one is a doozy, as all players, whether they have a Season Pass or not, have the opportunity to get a Polish Tier VIII 50TP Prototype heavy tank. Granted, it’s waiting at level 100 so it’s likely not going to be a cakewalk to get this hardware, but considering the vehicle’s stat sheet, it may be worth the grind.

Of course, those who do own a Season Pass are getting a lot more goodies including the Creighton Abrams Hero Commander, the Type 59-11, the T-100, and a T77 Tank and Hero Skin. Premium Season Pass holders will also get a CS-52 LIS with a Hero Skin and an Edmund Orlik Hero Commander on top of everything else. But most important of all, at level 75, all seasonal players will get a Wojtek Hero Commander. Who is a bear. A bear with a fascinating history.

In addition to the new seasons, World of Tanks Console promises more Polish hardware in the weeks leading up to April; look forward to tanks like the Tier V DS PZlnz, the CS 53, the CS 59, and the Tier X CS63, which has a unique gas turbine mechanic that lets players get a boost of speed. For now, players can learn more about Season 5 on the website.

source: press release

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