Dark Age of Camelot’s leveling event draws ‘thousands’ of characters


It’s Fast Times at Dark Age High these days, as DAOC is in the midst of a 10-day “Catch Up in Caledonia” event to help players pump out those levels as quickly as possible. Broadsword said that the event has been a “huge hit” so far with “thousands of characters” sprinting through the leveling process.

Unfortunately, at this point the studio has disabled the ability to make new characters for the event, so you can now participate only if you already have a toon on the server. The event itself will conclude on March 15th.

The most recent grab bag tackled questions about the event, including when potions would become available, the lack of mounts, and realm balancing.

The studio said that it made some changes to the zone to help keep portal camping at a minimum: “This should drastically reduce or wholesale eliminate portal keep-camping and will also make it much more difficult for realms to coalesce as large battlegroups in the zone since there is no guarantee they will port to the same location or even the same side of the zone!”


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Bruno Brito

Why would they disable new characters?

Shadex De'Marr

Weren’t they thinking of a classic server at some point?


Yeah, 2009 ish. However they felt at that time it would fragment the remaining population too much.