Dark Age of Camelot plans Catch Up in Calendonia fast-leveling event, Ultima Online previews Publish 110 and New Legacy’s map


Broadsword’s antique MMORPGs are still chugging along, both with news of note this week.

In Dark Age of Camelot, players are being invited for a fresh-start event this coming Friday called Catch Up in Caledonia. Starting March 5th, the 10-day event will center on the RvR battleground Caledonia and offer a fast way to level into the PvP endgame.

“Players will start at level 1 and rapidly progress to level 50 all while earning gear, master levels, champion levels, and realm ranks along the way! By the event’s end participants will be ready to competitively RvR in the Frontier!”

Definitely check out the entire explainer as there are some caveats and rules for how the whole event will work (and the fact that you can’t leave the zone partway through and then come back!). If you’ve ever wanted to try the game but didn’t want to noob around, this is a good entry point.

Meanwhile, the Ultima Online team has posted another newsletter teasing the upcoming New Legacy as well as the next update, Publish 110, which is expected mid-March. Players can look forward to new vet rewards (including much-wanted spellbook and runebook organizers), a fix for the pet exploit, and improvements for the vendor search tool. As for New Legacy itself, Broadsword says it’ll be “turning [its] focus back” to that once 110 is out the door, though in the meantime, the studio is planning a dev stream to talk about the game world on March 4th at 2 p.m. EST.

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