April Fools’ Day 2021 across the MMOverse


Love it or hate it, April Fools’ day is a Thing, and MMO companies seldom miss an opportunity to get in on The Thing. Let’s take a peek into what they’ve brought us for 2021, shall we?

Have you ever wanted to date your ship in Star Trek Online? No? Well you can anyway.

Star Citizen has dropped a new ship! The one ship everyone will like: The Origin 404.

World of Warcraft has posted its traditional joke patch notes, complete with a new covenant, sea shanties, and “Wand Vision.”

Guild Wars 2 dataminer @that_shaman got in on the fun announcing Inventory Manager. It actually works. Click on it people. I’m still giggling.

To be honest, this might even be better than the official GW2 fake patch notes.

But it’s hard to top the invasion of the choya.

EVE Online teased the construction of a lowsec gate to nullsec’s Stain.

Chickens have taken over Neverwinter. Bawk bawk.

Oh War Thunder, this is salty and we love it. “Future military technologies simulation app Warfare 2077 is temporarily available to the general public.” It’s also done a TailSpin prank.

PlanetSide 2 has disabled friendly fire – we assume this is just for today. Have fun!

Valorant promises Agents of Romance.

Zorran the Artificer has flooded Champions Online.

I’m sorry to report that Tencent’s got its fingers in another MMO pie: MMO Fallout’s pie.


Pantheon Rise of the Fallen announced a new hardcore mode! (This might be funnier if the game hadn’t announced NFT art sales earlier this week. That one was no joke, fam.)

World of Warships is making Godzilla and King Kong fight. I’m not actually sure this is a joke.

Piddie the Fool has arrived in AdventureQuest 3D. Look, I don’t make this stuff; I just report it.

Trove’s April Fools’ gag literally sends players back to the future.

We’re going to space in World of Warships Legends.

Black Desert is letting Shai ride flying donkeys:

But Black Desert Mobile has a different type of fun planned…

Fallout 76 has a cryptic tease.

Pirate101 added the “best spuds” couch potato mount.

TERA Console announced a battle royale, but we suspect the diapers and link give the joke away.

Overwatch has fake notes up too, but players today (actually, even last night) are being treated to the old googly eyes stunt.

Fortnite played into Gamestonk, for some reason.

Vague Patch Notes: Template - The other day, I was in the middle of a humanizing anecdote when something happened that was tangentially related to MMOs. This prompted me to start thinking about this particular…

We’ll be adding more we see as the day rolls on (usually, more drop around lunchtime). And surely you’ve spotted more – drop ’em in the comments for everyone!

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