The Realm Online shares details on its PvP-centric seasonal server opening April 16


Who says that an old game can’t try new things? That’s the case for The Realm Online, which we noted previously for having plans to open a “disruptive” PvP seasonal server. Now we have a release date and additional details for when that server opens: Friday, April 16th, until Saturday, June 26th.

The announcement post further outlined the server’s ruleset as well as what happens to players once the season is over. As mentioned before, this server will have PvP toggled on for everybody at all times, though it is disabled in the Havenwood and city areas, and those who are ganked by players 10 levels or 25% higher level than them won’t lose XP or drop items. The design philosophy, according to the post, is making choice matter, and has introduced several adjustments like limited gold, buildpoints, and mana to enforce this idea. Once the server closes, all characters will be deleted.

As for the rewards awaiting those who hop into the server, players can get a Seasonal Flower Baldric for hitting level 100, decorative house banners, and a Ring of Illusion that lets players look like a monster. These items can be earned in the server, and once the server shuts down, players will get a redemption code to claim it again on the Finvarra’s Fortress server.

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