New Genesis celebrates Phantasy Star Online 2’s ninth anniversary with event quests and special enemies


What better way to celebrate the launch of Phantasy Star Online 2 than by beating down some huge enemies? That’s part of the festivities being held in PSO2’s pseudo-sequel New Genesis as the game will be marking PSO2’s ninth anniversary on planet Halpha.

Players of New Genesis can get into the anniversary spirit with a dressed up Central City, then take up quests from an NPC to earn Seasonal Points, which can then be spent on things like stamps, accessories, the all-new Glissen Elemental Weapons, Star Gems, and Augment Capsules, along with additional Star Gems during the second half of the event. Seasonal Points can also be earned by taking down enemies with special anniversary emblems, while the long-suffering Rappys wearing snazzy tuxedos can be beaten up for rare item drops. Finally, there are AC Scratch Tickets with some new summertime items and some classic PSO2 cosmetics to chase after.

The event runs between July 7th and and August 4th, with the second half of the event starting on July 21st, which adds the aforementioned extra Seasonal Point items and switches the spawn locations of special enemies. A video that runs down the event is available for viewing after the break.


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Munna Chaudhary

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Dankey Kang

Already got (almost) every costume so far, if you play it smart you can pick them up for very cheap when the market is saturated.

Looking forward to the event next week, gonna be plenty of things to collect.

Hikari Kenzaki

*checks the video*


That’ll sell.