Here are the cities around the world that’ll host Pokemon Go Fest 2021


Pokemon Go’s upcoming Go Fest 2021 event is officially going outside. In groups. Across the world.

Your instinct is likely going to be to sign up as soon as possible, but as multiple POGO communities are noting, this may not be the best time since Niantic hasn’t revealed much else about the event. We’ve been told that the event is July 17th (Day 1), that there will be no additional in-game bonuses, that Niantic will encourage social distancing, and that we’ll see a chance for photo ops, but the studio hasn’t actually released specific addresses for the exact events yet – just cities.

It’s a last-minute and frankly deeply surprising move, given how good Niantic was about the initial COVID changes. Most of the upcoming changes to try to readjust to a hypothetically safe post-socially distanced life (aside from PokeStop/Gym radius nerfs) are pretty fair, but especially seeing London as a Go Fest location while the UK attempts to out-vaccinate a potential third pandemic wave seems odd. We’ve reached out to PR for more details on the event and will update this post should we receive further news.


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