Pearl Abyss is building an art center in order to ‘create more realistic and cinematic games’


It appears that publisher/developer Pearl Abyss is very serious about making its upcoming titles as realistic as possible. How serious, you ask? Try spending $26M on a building for precisely that purpose serious.

This new building, which is tentatively being called the Pearl Abyss Art Center, will be based in Pyeongchon, Anyang City, South Korea, and will feature five floors and 5,000 square meters’ worth of gaming dev departments, including a 1,000-meter motion capture studio with a ceiling that reaches up to 9 meters (just around 30 feet) and 150 motion capture cameras. This new art center’s construction is part of another headquarters that Pearl Abyss is building in Gwacheon Knowledge Information Town, and runs parallel to the company’s investment to create its own motion capture studio, 3-D scanning studio, and audio studio.

“We plan to create more realistic and cinematic games through the art center,” said Jeakwon Kim, Executive Head of Division for the Art Sector. “It will be a technologically advanced base for Pearl Abyss to improve the quality of new titles such as Crimson Desert, DokeV, and PLAN 8 as well as the Black Desert IP.”

This new art center is expected to be completed by the first half of 2022.


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It truly is baffling how, year after year, Eastern game developers continue to innovate, while Western game developers do not. It certainly isn’t money, seeing as even Amazon, with their truckloads of money couldn’t manage it.


Their games are already looking gorgeous; i’m curious to see what the next level looks like.


They already have the drudgery of real life figured out with farming every day, with a mundane story.

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Could they build me a more realistic and cinematic computer too, please. Thanks.

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Richard de Leon III

I prefer styled art, they tend to last longer imho. Realistic graphics puts out too much uncanny valley and that wont change.

Jo Watt

Well there is a end point on “realistic” graphics… Being once you can no longer tell between them. At which point I think it’s pretty impossible for that style to look outdated. We are getting there pretty quickly as well.

Though I do get what you mean.. some cell shaded games look good to this day despite some of them being 10 years old now.

Ardra Diva

they’re currently #1 in graphics for MMOs, so looks like they plan to extend that win streak. The south Korean artists are extremely talented.