Valve announces portable PC gaming device called Steam Deck


If you’ve ever wanted a device that smooshes your PC games with something cute and portable like a Switch, welp, Valve has your toy. It’s just unveiled the long-rumored Steam Deck, a slightly-larger-and-much-more-powerful-than-the-Switch device using a version of SteamOS that will run all your Steam games, though according to IGN, it’ll also run your non-Steam games and launchers too. It features a pair of capacitive joysticks and a mouse-esque trackpad, bluetooth support, USB plugins, mod support, and a battery life of between 2 to 8 hours, depending on what you’re actually playing.

Valve says it starts shipping this December, and it’s already taking reservations already for those of you with $399 (64GB), $529 (256GB), or $649 (512GB) to drop. There’s no price on a dock yet, and it’s not included.

“We look at this as just a new category of device in the PC space,” Valve’s Greg Coomer says. “And assuming that customers agree with us that this is a good idea, we expect not only to follow up in the future with more iterations ourselves, but also for other people, other manufacturers to want to participate in the space.”

Source: Steam Deck, IGN
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