Top-down looter shooter Space Punks begins its paid-for early access journey exclusively on the Epic Games Store


Earlier this month we showcased Space Punks, a multiplayer top-down looter shooter from developer Flying Wild Hog and publisher Jagex Partners. For those who’d rather not re-read that link, it’s an ARPG-like title that has players taking up several different characters to blow up enemies, hoover in loot, and experience what was described at the time as “a living, breathing, and ever-changing game world.” Now, players can put those claims to the proof and also maybe offer up some feedback as the game has arrived to early access as of yesterday, landing exclusively on the Epic Games Store.

While the full game is set to launch as a free-to-play title, early access will cost you: For $30 players can get the basic Swag Pack that includes all four main characters, a Season 1 Battle Pass for open beta and exclusive backgrounds, and several unique cosmetics, while $50 for the Splendor Pack bundles all of the above along with four Epic Character Skins, an Epic Player Entrance, and more. As for the length of early access, the devs of the game expect to enter open beta sometime this winter on PC, while a console release is expected sometime next year.

source: press release

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John Mclain

Hey there, I bought the $50 pack to try this game out. For those curious, it’s a very fun but VERY short game currently. The combat is very Helldivers-like, but of course permanently stuck on ultra-easy mode. I’ve played for about 15 hours now and finished what little content the game has and never once died, even in the boss fights. (Did come close to dying on the second boss though, because he’s 30 levels above you typically when you unlock him at first.)

The game has about 10 hours of actual content, I spent 15 doing the content + multiplayer heists, and finishing all the achievements/trophies. After that it’s just doing the same content over and over to gain levels.

Crafting is currently completely useless, as dropped gear is roughly twice (or more) as good as anything you can craft.

Game is incredibly easy, and you will likely never die to the enemies. Also some weapons are basically cheat-codes in how powerful they are, deleting endgame bosses in seconds.

Most character progression is unfinished, so there is little progression past a point.

Player match-making is currently disabled/broken. So you will need to add players as friends on epic game store to be able to play with other players.

The combat system is VERY GOOD. And is the one and only part of the game that feels finished and polished. (Though needs a lot of balancing.)

While I had fun, the game feels like 1/5th of a finished game. (Because it is.) And I do NOT recommend buying it currently if your on the fence. Wait till winter, it will be free then, and have actual content to play.


thanks for the info, was curious but will wait

Dug From The Earth

Top down borderlands like coop game? Yes please.

30 bucks to try it?

No thanks.

Been burned too many times by bad games that offered no way to try it.

Its just dumb that they arent doing a free “Beta”… unless they know people will hate it

Vanquesse V

it’ll be f2p once we hit “winter”.
Combat is pretty fun, but other parts aren’t that great right now.

the potency of gear is largely based on what affixes it rolls rather than ilvl, but ilvl is the main comparison the game offers and it displays your avg ilvl next to your character level. Recovering health is pretty rough since it’s based on killing enemies while at low hp, so solo players have it rough and I’ve had no luck getting into the team based modes.
It’s also pretty difficult to gauge mission difficulty before starting one up.

None of these issues should be difficult to fix, and making a base experience that’s fun to play is a much bigger challenge, so while I don’t think people should buy it right this moment I think there’s a pretty good chance this will turn out great.


LOL they are selling >Open Beta Season 1 Battle Pass , an open beta season pass sounds wrong, just wrong?
Not only will we buy beta, but pay for its seasons. They used to pay people to beta.

John Mclain

You misunderstand how it works. Currently we are basically buying into the “beta” of the game. The game is in a perfectly “playable” state, just completely unfinished and lacking balance and content. The devs just stupidly call this “early access”.

Later this year “winter” they will make the game go into “open beta” which will not cost anything to get into, and the game will be completely free to play. That is the actual “early access” and when the game will introduce season-passes as a way to generate income for the game.

I admit it’s REALLY stupid how they are handling this game’s launch. Especially the naming schemes. But thats how it’s being done. I’m sure it’s some suit missing half his skull, in the marketing department telling them to do this.