Former developers of 38 Studios are receiving a portion of their final paychecks after a nine year wait


The long, sad story of Curt Schilling’s defunct 38 Studios has written its final chapter, and much like the entire history of the game studio, it ends in disappointment. The developers who worked for the company are finally getting the court-ordered last paychecks that Schilling owed them before he abruptly shut down the studio and left 400 employees without any payment back in 2012, though at a fraction of what they were originally owed.

Developers who worked in the studio’s Rhode Island and Maryland offices will be receiving 14% and 20% of their back wages respectively, with some of those former devs confirming that those paychecks started arriving. Still others, however, are reporting that those checks were being sent to old addresses since a number of those devs had moved after the studio’s dissolution.

Readers will recall that the IPs for the studio’s games, the RPG Kingdoms of Amalur and the Project Copernicus MMO, were both picked up by THQ Nordic in 2018. Amalur got a re-release in September 2020, while the MMO was apparently snapped up merely for the IP. We’ve been covering the entire saga multiple times now; full recaps can be read in Lawful Neutral and Game Archaeologist, all of which is listed below.

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