Lineage II shares patch notes for Battle Chronicle update and new events for Aden and Classic


As we’ve noted many times before, there are a whole lot of different versions of Lineage II out there, and this news story is going to bounce around between L2 Classic and L2 Aden, so be forewarned. We’ll try to make this as clear as we can. Trust us.

We’ll start off with the patch notes for the Battle Chronicle update, which affects both versions of the MMO. Specifically, Aden saw adjustments to monsters and item drops in several hunting grounds, the addition of a World Castle Siege, and a new dye and potential system. Classic, meanwhile, saw tweaks to some of its hunting zones, added a new dye system, and adjusted a few skills.

Both versions of the MMO are seeing their own unique events as well. Aden players have two such events; one that hands out boost-filled boxes, and another that grants extra rewards for those who capture the Aden castle during the first and second rounds of World Castle Sieges. As for Classic, there’s an event that focuses on the Frozen Canyon zone, with timed hunting grounds, daily event missions, and a Frozen Treasure Box can be special crafted and then opened for various boosts.

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