New World’s PTS is live in four regions, and no Amazon isn’t banning minimap modders


As promised, New World’s public test realm went live yesterday after a brief technical delay – in fact, Amazon opened up more PTRs than originally planned.

“As you probably know, our PTR was made available in US East and EU Central earlier today,” the studio posted overnight. “What you maybe don’t know is that we have opened up two additional test worlds, including one in US West and one in SA East just a moment ago. Help us test our huge-normous update, and make sure to post your feedback and test notes in the forums. Remember that you can make multiple characters, so try a different backstory every day!”

Meanwhile, players are raising a bit of a fuss over claims that New World players are being banned for the use of a minimap addon. Amazon has posted to clarify that this is not true; it’s promising a longer post on the subject in the near future.

“I can tell you no one has been banned for an Overwolf minimap unless a mistake was made. This is not a promise that all existing minimaps will forever be ok, because their functionality could change over time in ways we can’t even anticipate right now. We’ll describe (hopefully with full clarity) what is ok in that upcoming post.”

Finally, if you are curious about what’s on deck for the game that maybe didn’t make it into the PTR tease, players are datamining the heck out of it already; we’re looking at everything from partial ban functionality and anti-botting measures to new skins and event-related experience multipliers. There’s also a boost to crafting experience. Obviously, the usual caveats about spoilers and this being datamining of a PTR patch apply.

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