Starbase talks current PTS features, upcoming ship deeds, and the development roadmap in video


Care to keep up on the developments of Starbase but you’re sad because it’s not in video digest form? Be sad no longer friend because developer Frozenbyte Games has started to do just that, with the first in a new series of vlogs that puts together some of the spacehip sandbox’s latest news.

The video leads off with content currently in the public test universe (PTU), which includes moon mining features, the ability for players to build capital ships, and station destruction events that occur in order to test station siege mechanics. Timing for when these features will hit early access wasn’t given, but players are invited to hop into the PTU to try them out and provide their feedback.

Next, the video talks up ship deeds, a craftable and equippable single-use item that lets players name a crafted ship and create a blueprint of the ship at the time of the deed’s creation. There is also a hacked deed that effectively lets players steal another person’s ship and own it provided that player isn’t around; a sell deed that lets players sell despawned spaceships at the auction house or trade them with other players; and a salvage deed that lets players sell derelict ships.

Finally, the devs discuss the game’s September roadmap, admitting that a lot of the dates were “far too optimistic” and thus created expectations from players that couldn’t be met. To that end, the roadmap will no longer feature dates but will instead illustrate development priorities. Players can still follow the game’s progress reports for all of the minute development updates.

source: YouTube
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