Fortnite’s third chapter completely revamps the island, introduces Spider-Man as a playable character


Fortnite has officially flipped the script and flipped the island with the launch of Chapter 3. No, literally, the island was flipped and has been completely revamped from shore to shore, with all-new biomes and locations for players old and new alike to be introduced to. There’s also a new campsite mechanic that lets squads use the same tent or plant their own and access a shared stash during matches.

In addition to a whole new map, there’s some new mobility thanks to the current addition of sliding downhill and the later addition of using Spider-Man’s web shooters to swing around on December 11th. Speaking of Spider-Man, he will become a playable character as part of this season’s battle pass, along with other characters from Fortnite’s own fiction such as Ronin, Shana, and Lt. John Llama among others. Oh, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is also part of the game’s story, revealed as the character Foundation all this time. Go figure.

There’s more going on in Chapter 3 including a crown mechanic, new weapons, and new items, so players would do well to read through an orientation post to get familiar with all of the goings-on.

sources: press release, official site (1, 2)
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