EverQuest kicks off Frostfell ahead of tomorrow’s Terror of Luclin launch


Classic EverQuest is set for a big week, what with its Terror of Luclin expansion launch tomorrow and all. And if it’s lucky, it won’t suffer the same launch debacle as its younger sibling did with Visions of Vetrovia earlier this month.

But in the meantime, Daybreak and Darkpaw have rolled out the winter holiday, Frostfell. The event is divided into two parts, with the first one live now as you’ll be helping the Frostfell Goblins deal with the Grinnuch and aiding Zobb in the Great Divide in his search for missing toymakers. Stage two kicks off on December 16th and involves clothes, food, and Santug Claugg.

“Head to the snow-covered island in Timorous Deep, the Gigglegibber goblin Ginjleg has taken his yearly vacation to study the mysteriously magnificent boats that traverse those open waters. He would be happy to share his love of boats and discuss how his Frostfell dolls are made. Ginjleg, Ganjleg and Belumb will be celebrating all Frostfell long.”

The core Frostfell event is over on January 7th, so you’ve got plenty of time to check it out – and deal with Terror of Luclin fallout.

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