Daybreak officially sets EverQuest Terror of Luclin’s launch for December 7


Don’t let the annual routine of EverQuest launching an expansion lull you into complacency, because this year’s Terror of Luclin promises to be something quite special. We knew that the pack was just around the corner from release, but now we have official word when the title is set to go live.

“We are super excited to announce that Terror of Luclin will be launching December 7th, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. PST on live servers,” Daybreak said. “Take on new feats and challenges as you level up to 120, explore new zones, and strengthen your characters through new raids.”

The game’s 28th pack is set to take players deep into the heart of gothic vampire territory with a price tag of $35, although you can pay up to $250 if you want the most expensive editions.

And if you’ve got money to spare, the EverQuest soundtrack is once again available on vinyl.

Source: EverQuest. Thanks Flatline4400!

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Adam Russell

But will they complete the conversion to 64 bit in time?

Aaron Weddle

From what i understand my experience with the beta the expansion is already running on the 64bit client on the beta server. then its going over to the test server