Wurm Online shows off new stone decorative items


Stone. In decor terms, it can say a lot of things, like “This place is firm and sturdy,” or “This place is rustic and timeless,” or “I am as cold and unfeeling on the inside as the rocks that surround me like a cairn of death.” Whatever projection you’re looking for, stone decor will soon be more proliferous in Wurm Online.

The game’s latest Valrei International newsletter offers up a look at various new stone styles for decor items, from pottery to marble to nearly every brick and stone type in-between. The new stone styles apply to several decor and structure items such as kilns, ovens, benches, columns, and fountains. A timeline for when these hot (cold?) new decorative items will be live wasn’t given, and there may still be some changes between now and release, but for the time being Wurm fans can scope some upcoming new styles of stone.

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