LOTRO weathers login issues, explains why your hero does the dishes now and then

Sad elk in snow.

Just in case you’ve been banging your head against the Lord of the Rings Online launcher in the past 24 hours and wondering if it’s just you — it’s not. Apparently there were some issues keeping players from logging into the game, but it’s better now.

Meanwhile, game writer Jeff “MadeOfLions” Libby emerged to answer a criticism about why player characters occasionally are asked to do menial tasks even after accomplishing grand feats. His answer is very revealing about LOTRO’s overall questing philosophy.

“It’s a way to maintain a connection with the non-heroic characters and peoples of Middle-earth, to keep the heroes grounded, and to remind them about the lives of the ‘ordinary folk’ for whom they’re fighting,” Libby wrote. “I understand the ‘But I’ve defeated dragons! Why am I doing the dishes? Don’t they know I’m a HERO?’ complaint, but I’d argue that the duality there is actually a very Middle-earthy sort of concept.”

He went on to illustrate this: “To Barliman Butterbur, the stranger in the corner of the Pony is just Strider, one o’ them Rangers, a weird sort. But Strider’s story is quite a bit different, and quite a bit more heroic, than Barliman might guess. Freeze his blood cold, it might, if he knew.”

Source: LOTRO
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