Tibia is getting sound for the first time as it turns 25 years old


Tibia is celebrating its 25th year of existence – and it’s apparently still making plenty of cash. According to CipSoft, the pixel MMO has pulled in 200M Euros since it was first brought online at the University of Regensburg back in 1997. But it’s more than just pounding its chest; the studio has a surprise for players.

Readers of MOP’s Game Archaeologist column might recall that when we covered Tibia’s history in depth, we were surprised to find out that the game lacked both sound effects and music – a throwback to the days of MUDs. But that era is over today, as sound is coming to the game, in addition to multiple celebratory events. “CipSoft thanks its loyal community and announces a big surprise: Tibia will get sound for the first time!” the team says.

“A special event we would like to draw your attention to, a highlight of the celebrations, is the planned Pantibian Festival! Collect Theons – special tokens – in order to become part of a group of players who will soon be able to play alongside the four founders of CipSoft, the Gods of Tibia: Steve, Stephan, Guido and Durin. You can find all details about this event, as well as a list of all other planned events and festivities in our featured article. Take a look, and join the fun!”

Happy birthday, Tibia.

Source: Press release, official site
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