LOTRO activates brand-new website, tweaks Update 32’s test build


Middle-earth has an improved web presence, as earlier this week Standing Stone Games rolled out the new Lord of the Rings Online site.

The new site looks a lot more modern and useful than the older version, offering quick links to news, guides, updates, and the market – it’s pretty similar to other Daybreak game sites, in fact. There were some quirks with it when initially launched, although those seem to be worked out by now. It should be noted that the improvements didn’t carry over to the forums, which are still slated for an overhaul at some point down the line.

Meanwhile, Update 32 is still being kicked around on the Bullroarer test server. SSG kept the server open a little longer this week to put a few more changes into place, such as an in-game prompt to lead players from Trollshaws to the new region of Angle of Mitheithel.

Also, legendary item users should take note: “Now when you have a unique essence or tracery in two different weapons, you can equip the second weapon without first unequipping the first.”

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