Ship of Fools is a co-op seafaring roguelite full of sea monsters, island exploration, and loot


What if the dangerous co-op sea exploration of a game like Barotrauma or We Need to Go Deeper held hands with a co-op roguelite in a similar vein to Conan Chop Chop? Then you probably can envisage Ship of Fools, an upcoming two-player game from publisher Team17 and newly minted indie developer Fika Productions that looks to bring in all sorts of charm and harm in the Aquapocalypse. The game’s press kit offers the following synopsis:

“In a clamshell, Ship of Fools is a game about blasting away your seaborne foes with mighty cannons as you defend your ship. Inspired by modern classic roguelites and built for co-op, you’ll want to bring your first mate on deck and enjoy oarsome combat as you unlock new trinkets and artifacts to help you save the world from the almighty Aquapocalypse…”

Players of Ship of Fools will have to fight off seaborne terrors with cannons and other weapons both in the water and on board the ship, all while landing at remote islands to score some loot and managing damage to the Stormstrider boat.

Ship of Fools is set to be released on PC and console sometime this year but can be wishlisted on Steam right now, and a gameplay video below offers a look at some of the critters large and small that players will face off against.

source: press kit
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