Allods Online walks a star trail to Eden in Update 13, now live

This blurry picture is brought to you by the game not having an actual proper gallery to use, so thanks for that.

After over a month of build-up to the main event, Allods Online’s major content patch finally landed this past week. Update 13.0: Gates of the Worlds takes players to a new planet, revives an old PvP activity, and raises the level cap.

The planet in question is Eden, a strange world where both flora and fauna are intelligent and prone to change as the season progresses. There, players will continue to unravel the mystery of Alice, face down the god of darkness, and help a population under assault.

Players should be aware that a number of class balance changes came with the patch along with improved progression and a level cap increase to 100.

“The stat system progression has been reworked at all stages related to gaining new levels and completing the storyline, which should improve the perception of character development, as well as eliminate problems with the imbalance in the damage inflicted by the characters,” the dev team informed.

The studio is selling a special set of collector’s editions for the update.

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