Elyon’s new Paladin class lands in today’s patch along with new gear types and events


It’s a sword and board smorgasbord in Elyon today as the new Paladin class has officially dropped. As mentioned before, the Paladin class has the ability to swap between tank and support roles through the use of auras, while it wields light-infused sword and shield skills to put a hurtin’ on foes.

The new patch celebrates the Paladin’s arrival with a number of events including growth support box handouts when players hit level 22, free rewards for those who play up to 120 minutes, and three goodies as well as a unique title to those players who hit level 48 as a Paladin in each region first. There’s also some Twitch drops to hoover up for those who are in to that sort of thing.

Other patch content includes the addition of armlet items, high-level artifact items (two of which can be equipped at a time), a rune attribute preset feature, and balance adjustments to several of the MMORPG’s other classes, all of which are outlined in the patch notes.

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