The original Secret World suddenly finds itself back on digital store shelves

Un secret.

The Secret World – as in the original, not the Legends remake – is something of a beloved game around these parts, with its distinct storytelling, modern world setting, and deep levels of skill customization. For the most part, those who love the game already own it, but there’s the possibility that there are some who missed the original boat and are only able to buy Legends since the original MMO stopped being sold. However, that appears to be changing.

A post on Reddit drew attention to the fact that digital versions of TSW are back on sale on both Amazon and GameStop. We weren’t able to find any such digital purchase on Amazon, but there is indeed a way to buy the game on GameStop’s website.

Weirdly, there’s been no official announcement about this re-selling of the MMO on the social media accounts of either Legends or Funcom, and there’s no announcement shared on Funcom’s official site, so this re-selling appears to be trying to fly under the radar. Still, it appears that those who didn’t join in on the original title suddenly have a second chance to do so. Additionally, we took a look back in a recent Choose My Adventure series, just in case you’re curious about how it plays in 2022.

sources: Reddit, GameStop
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