Conan Exiles breaks down the attributes, perks, and corruption systems of the Age of Sorcery update


It’s time yet again for Conan Exiles to get hyper granular about the Age of Sorcery update’s feature set. This time around, the survivalbox is taking a close look at attirbutes, perks, and corruption – the primary means that let players customize their condemned.

One of the big changes players will note with regards to attributes is that there will be 60 total points that can be earned instead of the original 390, while any given attribute can only hit a maximum of 20. Additionally, every five points poured into an attribute unlocks a perk that applies some unique new buffs and effects, and new attributes are replacing some older attributes. The plan with these changes is to make ramping up chosen attributes feel more impactful overall.

As for the corruption mechanic, this introduces additional player choice as players can corrupt their strength, vitality, and authority as well as earn special corrupted perks. This requires the harvesting of Soul Essences from human sacrifices, with one essence needed to corrupt every point of the aforementioned attributes. Casting spells also adds a corrupting effect that lowers health and stamina up to a maximum of half of those stats; should sorcerous characters hit that threshold, they will effectively be able to cast any sorcery they desire.

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