Meridian 59 developer reveals secret ‘Easter egg’ room of statues that was made back in the ’90s


One of the oldest MMORPGs in existence still has the capacity to surprise us, even decades later.

Former Meridian 59 designer Damion Schubert confirmed a fan expedition that uncovered a secret room that was created in the game to remember the game’s original devs. The unnamed player posted information how to access the hidden room — aka the Hall of Forgotten Heroes — which exists within the current Hall of Heroes. Heroes can use the “Blink” spell to jump into the hidden alcove and see the roster of O.G. devs, including Brian “Psychochild” Green.

“After I gave my two weeks to my first company making Meridian 59, an early MMO, they wouldn’t give me any work,” Schubert posted. “So I spent the time creating an Easter egg — a room full of statues of all the original devs who made the game (I was the last to leave).”

The hall is a poorly kept secret among fans and has received touch-ups from the current stewards of the game.

Source: Twitter
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