Rumor: Lady Gaga will be Fortnite’s next in-game concert performer

All right, you live your truth.

Live music and Fortnite are now two things that go together like peanut butter and jelly whether anyone agrees with it or not. Readers will recall the battle royale shooter has been host to two such concerts already, and it looks like Lady Gaga is the next event if datamined leaks bear any fruit.

The first set of leaks come from Twitter account FNLeaksAndInfo, who has found files of a collaborative set of emotes that has four players coming together to play a jug band version of Gaga’s seminal pop hit Poker Face. The account later posted audio of the rendition. Additional leaks were shared by Twitter account iFireMonkey, who unearthed files for various concert props.

This all nicely aligns with yesterday’s return of Rainbow Royale, which will play music from a variety of favored LGBTQ+ artists on the in-game radio station starting on September 8th – one of whom is Lady Gaga. Obviously, this is all conjecture and connecting errant dots, but things do appear to be moving in that direction.

sources: Twitter (1, 2, 3) via Kotaku, official site
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