Conqueror’s Blade gets gladiatorial with a Colosseum mode and gladiator units in latest update


Are you not entertained by Conqueror’s Blade? Well that would suck because everyone should enjoy games, but this shoehorned reference to a great film is primarily meant to invoke the spirit of the tactical MMO’s new season, which has introduced a Colosseum mode and added gladiator units. Get it? You get it.

The Colosseum mode pits two teams of six against one another in a fight to capture control zones and claim dominion over the arena. Players can deploy units and artillery to drain enemy teams’ points, capture their flags, and win the fight. While cavalry units aren’t allowed in the mode, new gladiator units are, including the 3-star Dimachaeri, the 4-star Myrmillones, and the 5-star Retiarii, all of which can be earned via new unit challenges.

The new season also comes along with a new campaign full of weekly missions that link to an overarching narrative, as well as a new battle pass full of goodies to chase. Those who are ready to square off in the bloody sands of the fighting pit can check out the website for more details.

sources: press release, official site
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