Modders are transforming Mordhau into an open world multiplayer survival sandbox


Most are familiar with Mordhau as a “multiplayer medieval slasher” that pits teams of players against one another in first-person or third-person melee combat; most don’t equate the game with anything MMORPG-related. However, modders are changing the game quite literally, transforming it into an open world multiplayer survival sandbox called Mordhau Survival RPG.

Here’s the description blurb from the mod’s Discord:

Mordhau Survival RPG is a large game mode and map mod in which you have persistent progress between logins. You will start no better then a peasant but you are able to work your way up in the world by either becoming an unbeatable duelist, an opportunistic raider, a master craftsman, a scheming trader, or even just a simple hunter in the woods.”

MRPG’s feature set includes persistence for inventory, location, and housing, all within a seamless game world; a custom inventory system; resource gathering and crafting; PvE activities like bandit camps and hunts, and PvP activities such as dueling arenas and open world PvP, with or without loot drops. The game has been making semi-regular updates over the past three months, the most recent of which added warehouse storage features and a temporary dye system.

The mod is currently in a public testing phase that’s spread among three servers – one server each for NA, EU, and Oceanic players – that can be accessed by simply opening the game, searching for the relevant server name in the in-game browser, and joining the server to download the mod. For those who are curious about this one, YouTuber Resonant has shared a video preview that can be watched below.

sources: YouTube via Reddit, Discord
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