PSO2 New Genesis rings in the new year with a limited-time event full of Rappys


If you’re a fan of Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis (or the PSO series in general), you’re likely already familiar with the adorable little mascot birds known as Rappys; you love them, you cherish them, you gleefully swing your weapons into their faces for goodies. The Rappy beatings for seasonal good times continue this month as the MMO’s New Year’s event is underway.

Like other seasonal events in NGS, the New Year’s celebration will task players with collecting and exchanging seasonal points for rewards from an event NPC, while players can also defeat dread enemies in the open world to potentially kick off a Rappy spot’s spawning, which will bring on several Nord Rappys and one very chonky Emperappy to take on. Of course, Central City will also be dressed up for the occasion. The event will run between now and January 11th, after which point the game begins its winter event.

In other NGS news, the game’s dev team offered a New Year’s address that looked back at 2022’s updates and ahead at feature plans for the start of 2023 like new classes, new stories, a second anniversary, and an orchestral concernt on January 21st to mark the 10th anniversary of PSO2 and the 35th anniversary of the PSO series overall.

source: official site (1, 2)
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