MMORTS Kingdoms of Marazia returns from hiatus with rewritten code, world resets, and free-to-play model


Five years ago – in August 2018 to be precise – we reported on a new title called Kingdoms of Marazia, a simplistically styled MMORTS from lone developer Dragon Fire Studios where players sought to hold land, secure limited resources, and protect their holdings through warfare or politicking. We decided to circle back around to this one and have found that a lot has changed in the intervening time.

Chronologically, the game had a number of smaller updates and the start of its first season, but then in December 2018 the dev decided to rewrite the game’s code from scratch. After that, the game went offline and updates fell worrying silent for about three years, until a new announcement arrived last February that confirmed the game was back online and now is free-to-play.

The most recent update out of Marazia was just last week, which announced the introduction of a monthly world reset mechanic, as well as further updates like more towers, an expanded map with more trees, and a host of balance adjustments to buildings, units, and army costs.

source: Steam. Thanks, Garrett!
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