Palia spins a web of relationships for its 23 signature NPCs, says romancing is optional


As we continue to wait for a new playtest for one of our most-anticipated MMO projects, at least we can learn more about the unique world of Palia. The team at Singularity Six has been highlighting the relationships and romances between the population of the central village — and hinting at how players themselves might get entangled in these social connections.

The team said that players will become quite familiar with the 23 villagers, including befriending and wooing some of them.  “We always want to make sure that the characters in Palia feel rich and meaningful. Taking the time to make sure they have deep backstories and connections with other characters is very important to us, including both new romance and friendship options,” said the game’s narrative lead.

The studio also pointed out that romancing NPCs is an optional activity with no advantage or disadvantage apart from story and roleplay.

Source: Twitter, Palia
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