Broken Ranks packs four events into the month of May


Apparently they’ve replaced the water cooler with a Monster energy drink dispensary over at Whitemoon Games, because the Broken Ranks developer is cranking out event after event during this month.

This weekend kicks things off with an experience bonus run, followed by a psychoexperience boost the following weekend. Listen, we don’t know if “psychoexperience” is a real thing, but it sounds so metal that we’re going to put it here anyway. I’m sure we’ve all dated enough questionable people to gain plenty of psychoexperience, right?

Ahem. The third weekend will bump up your pet’s learning ability, while the fourth contains a surprise. Hey, who doesn’t love a surprise? Your weirdo ex, that’s who. Remember that time you prepped a birthday party and got a face full of mace when you jumped up from the couch yelling “SURPRISE?” Ten more psychoexperience points right there.

And if all of this isn’t enough, Whitemoon is also hosting several pop quiz sessions for newbies. Yes, you’re still going to be taking tests even after you graduate school, only much more silly and inconsequential.

Source: Broken Ranks
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