Mad World bans macro users, details its next season pass, and adds harder dungeons


It’s time to once again provide our semi-regular check in on the “hell-made” Mad World, but before we go anywhere else, we note that the game’s Steam version is still missing without any official word from Jandisoft – a headline that’s been ongoing for nearly three months now.

As for the rest of the ARPG’s news, there continue to be some updates applied to the game, though recent patches are a little bit smaller: A patch released earlier this month added some harder dungeons, followed by another patch that ramped up rewards for taking on the harder instances. The most recent updates over the past couple of weeks have buffed pets, added cash shop items, and made improvements to inventories.

Beyond those content updates, the title has offered up a look at the rewards awaiting in its second battle pass and has issued bans against players who were caught using macros and scripts.

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