War Thunder details vehicle marker adjustments and bot fighting efforts in latest dev blogs


Two of the latest dev blogs to come out of War Thunder are extremely game-specific, but then that would make sense, especially for those who have a vested interest in changes to ground vehicle markers or the fight against botting; if that sounds like you, then you’re probably going to want to read on.

The first blog goes over upcoming changes to vehicle markers in air events, which basically boils down to the removal of ground vehicle markers for pilots of fighters and interceptor helicopters during specific battles. This decision is basically being used to stop ground forces from being too overwhelmed, to stop the associated battles from turning into a stomp of the team that’s already losing, and to cut back on kamikaze behavior. The only detail missing in this post is a date for this adjustment.

As for anti-botting efforts, Gaijin promises refinements to its report processing system to ensure better response times, states its intention to add separate categories for bot reporting in the next few days, and ponders further “extreme” measures like pre-battle or in-battle CAPTCHA requirements for accounts that are flagged as suspicious.

source: official site (1, 2)
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