Astral Tracks is a multiplayer platformer where players must race through procedurally generated obstacle courses


There are a few contemporaries that this new highlighted game can nod towards: Its press release mentions Neon White and Mirror’s Edge, its overall gameplay thrust brings to mind titles like SpeedRunners, and its movement features are reminiscent of Spider-Man or Titanfall. Whatever you might compare it to, Astral Tracks is offering up a little something different to the multiplayer scene while taking inspiration from a whole host of other games.

Publisher/developer LAB132 summarizes Astral Tracks as a competitive speedrunner that challenges players to navigate procedurally generated courses in the fastest time possible. As referenced in the lede, movement options are pretty varied, including wall running, swinging, dashing, and sliding, along with the expected running and jumping. Up to 12 players can join up either locally or online, while players can earn currency to buy various cosmetics (without microtransactions), try to complete daily, weekly, or monthly challenges, and seek to climb to the top of online leaderboards.

Release timing for Astral Tracks isn’t locked down yet, but it does have a Steam page currently available for those who want to wishlist the game. There’s also a gameplay trailer below to check out.

source: press release
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