Astroneer’s fall event has players farming up sturdysquash in spaaaaace


It’s three great tastes that taste great together: It’s space sandboxes, it’s farming, and its a Falloween event. Yep, Astroneer’s traditional fall event is back, inviting players to harvest space pumpkins in the understatedly named Fuel Acquisition, Renewal & Maintenance event.

“Sturdysquash are in season and can be farmed in bulk to be processed in Cauldrangea plants,” System Era says. “Ship off the products to EXO for points and rewards!”

Players will need to craft up an EXO Request Platform, gather wild sturdysquash seeds and Cauldrangea plants, turn the latter into specialty biofuels, and then combine accordingly for mass production. Naturally, there are themed cosmetics and deco in it for you, including the “PUM-KN Shelter.” You can guess what that one is.

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