War Thunder’s Sons of Attila update is live with new Hungarian vehicles and Southeast Asia-inspired map


Hungarian wargaming fans are in for a treat as War Thunder has launched Sons of Attila with its themed vehicles and aircraft.

“Gaijin Entertainment announces the release of the significant update Sons of Attila for the online military action game War Thunder,” the press release declares. “In addition to the Hungarian ground vehicles line-up, dozens of other combat vehicles have been added to the game – for example, Leclerc AZUR and Leopard 2 PSO tanks, Super Etendard carrier-based attack aircraft, MiG-29SMT multi-role fighter, Improved Chaparral SAM system, Arkansas battleship and Norwegian VIDAR SPG. New visual effects and game features include wind-bending trees and the ability to shoot off external ammunition from enemy vehicles. A new Rocky Pillars map based on the landscapes of Southeast Asia has also been added to the game.”

It wouldn’t be War Thunder without some helicopters, either: “OH-58D for the U.S. and China, Mi-8TV for the USSR and Germany and a line-up of Hungarian helicopters (three modifications of the Mi-24, including premium Mi-24P).” Plus, the team has rolled out “authentic voice informant warnings” from “Rita” or “Bitchin’ Betty,” depending on the exact aircraft.

Source: Press release
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