Black Desert shares details of its upcoming War of the Roses PvP mode in new video


War is coming to Black Desert, or perhaps more accurately, more war is coming to the MMORPG in the form of the 300v300 War of the Roses mode, which is one of the primary talking points of a new video from Pearl Abyss.

War of the Roses is similar to conquest wars in BDO now, except they will take place across Kamasylvia and O’dyllita in a faction vs. faction format. This makes the new mode larger in scope, with shorter prep time required to make it more accessible and completely new tactics and rules.

Each territory will have a starting castle for players to assemble at, either as part of a “leading guild” that has cleared certain conditions or as an individual mercenary. Each castle will have one NPC commander stationed within that must be killed by the opposing faction to win. Along the way, players will want to capture sanctums to serve as buff granting nodes and respawn locations. There’s also a Spirit’s Altar that factions can capture in order to gain access to unique siege weapons, while naval battles can rage to the south in order to open access to a castle’s wharf and infiltrate enemy territory.

Once the war begins, players will see their map replaced with a tactical map covered in a fog of war that clears away as they move around but otherwise hides enemy and friendly units. Only the player designated as the captain will be able to see all friendly unit positions and their shared field of vision to help coordinate player movement through the use of special order commands that can be issued on the map.

The video below is in Korean, so players will want to have their subtitles engaged and take note that War of the Roses is headed for Korean players first on October 15th. Pearl Abyss promises to announce a global release later, but fans can redeem a coupon code for some freebies until then and watch the footage below to get all of the salient details.

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