MapleStory pushes ahead with its New Age update after energy cap controversy


The next part of MapleStory’s New Age update is here, bringing “rebooted” worlds, faster leveling, and sixth job advancement. Players should find that going from levels 200 to 260 are speedier than before, helped along by daily quest improvements and XP adjustments.

“The 6th job advancement is now available,” Nexon said. “Maple World and Grandis merged into one with the Convergence incident after the disappearance of the Black Mage. An immense energy broke out and a new power called Sol Erda appeared as the Erda making up the two worlds mixed.”

This update will be followed up by another patch, New Age: Into the Abyss, in December. That update promises a new expedition, quests in Carcion, and an all-out war on a battleship.

MapleStory stepped in it big-time this past month when it revealed the sixth tier of job skills and the daily cap on players’ progress toward acquiring them. Nexon has since clawed back some – though not all – of the more controversial requirements for these skills.

Source: Press release
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