Raph Koster’s Playable Worlds is counting down to… something


An aura of mystery and intrigue’s been swirling around Raph Koster’s studio Playable Worlds and the multiverse sandbox MMORPG that it’s been working on behind closed doors. But could the wait for substantial information almost be over? That’s what a new countdown suggests over on Twitter.

Last night, Koster nudged fans to the Playable Worlds account, saying, “I am not yet allowed to say very much, but people might want to look over at @PlayableWorlds.” When you click on the link, it took you to an intriguing graphic with the number 10 on it and the question, “What if you could easily change your mind about who your character is?”

If this is indeed a countdown, it should hit 0 by the end of the month. Any early guesses as to what Playable Worlds might reveal?

Source: Twitter
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