Pax Dei runs into server-related bugs and mixed reviews in its first day of early access


We are once again taking the time to look at the first day of an MMORPG’s launch. As readers well know by now, Pax Dei made its early access launch yesterday, which brought on some of the usual MMO launch problems as the game met its first wave of players at scale.

Mainframe Industries has so far kept the majority of its to-the-minute updates within the game’s Discord, with a post about fixed and known issues along with some workarounds for some consistent problems, followed by a “war room” synopsis of how the team identified a couple of major server-side problems that were causing rubberbanding and stopping players from seeing built items even though materials were used.

As for the game’s current temperature at the time of this writing, SteamDB reports over 10K players hopping in during the MMORPG’s first 24 hours, with just over 6,400 players in-game at the time of this writing. Steam reviews are meanwhile sitting at “mixed,” with many noting the game’s potential but others warning people away from what’s being termed an alpha or pre-alpha product.

Meanwhile on Reddit, players are sharing similar sentiments regarding potential, making memes about rubberbanding, and calling out some generally poor behavior such as PvP-hungry trash talkers and people slapping plots down enough that others can’t build anywhere.

sources: Discord (1, 2), SteamDB, Steam, Reddit
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